Jonathan Lockwood

Photography is a passion. It's what I've loved since school.

School is of course, a very long time ago.

Having studied photography from the age of 16, I have always loved exploring and developing my skills and creative ability in the medium.

Managing photo-labs across the country in my early Twenties, I realised that although I enjoyed the background editing process what I really enjoyed was capturing the photos. So I established Ahuvi Limited, primarily providing photography for weddings (Ahuvi means ‘My Beloved’) but soon taking on commercial work for local businesses, schools and architectural projects.

I was most adept at what’s called ‘Visual Marketing’ – capturing images to help show the ethos and presence of a business or school. But all that changed when Covid-19 struck and the nation went into lockdown.

Overnight projects that were booked in were either postponed or cancelled and the photography that I loved was in danger of not coming back for some time. It was then a friend invited me to join him with 360 Virtual Tour photography – a way to provide photography services to businesses, schools and residential properties in a safe manner.

It gives me great pleasure to be picking up the camera once again and providing quality images for clients.